Is Spending so much money Destroying Talent ……………..

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Today Clubs are spending gianormous amounts of money for players without thinking.Manchester City first started spending money left right centre just like Real Madrid trying to be like the Galacticos. But modern Day football has started Over Pricing players to a great Extent, right from Carrol and Downing to the Latest Manchester United pair Herrera & Shaw. These two players in particular have great amount of talent but these young players havn’t proved themselves at the international stage.

Borrusia Dortmund , Atletico Madrid are great Examples of a club that identifies talent and get them at a cheap price and later on sell them for a Profit. ( special mention Arsene Wenger) but he too Broke  the bank of Ozil. Today Ridiculious amounts of money can get you World Class Players but that doesn’t mean you get Silverware.Man City could vouch for that until the Last minute winner by Sergio Aguero in the Dying minutes of the game against QPR.

Psg and Monaco have literally overvalued alot of players just because they have the Finacial power. But with Fifa getting the finacial Fair Play into Picture there surely will be alot of clubs that will be trying to balance the Books of Accounts.

From Quatari Owners to Russian Oil Billionaire football has taken a turn for the worst in terms of Money being in vested wrongly into Players which havn’t proved themselves. Only time will tell if this problem will be settled.


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