Jose Mourinho the best there is, The best there ever will be ?

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Will there be another manager like Jose Mourinho with the success rate he has had over the 15 years of his managerial career ? Is Mourinho the greatest ever manager to manage a football team ? Cese Fabregas certainly think so.

Right from the moment Jose Mourinho was confirmed to be heading over to chelsea for his second stint, there was a sense of fear among every manager especially the ones in the top 4.

Louis Van Gaal the man who was instrumental and had an influence over him at the start of his life as a manager, knew exactly what Jose would bring to the premier league.

Notable mention to Arsene Wenger who knows exactly what Jose is all about as his team of invincibles were dethroned by Mourinho’s Chelsea team in his first year as manager.

Fast track a year ahead and Jose Mourinho has delivered in his first season of his second stint at Chelsea. With Fabregas choosing Mourihno over Wenger and Man United having their own issues with injuries and trying to adapt to the Dutchman’s philosophy. There wasn’t really any challenge from any other team in the premier league.

Spur and Man City did really well along with Arsenal to try and challenge Chelsea for the tittle but none of them were a match for “A Mourinho Master Class”.

There were alot of critics suggesting Chelsea were boring and Pellegrini also criticising Chelsea for not playing beautiful football and winning the league the way Man City did it a year earlier.


Here are few of the key moments in the league where Chelsea won the league.

1) Chelsea remained unbeaten in their first 23 games winning 17 and drawn 6. Winning 3-0 against arch rivals Spurs.

2)Chelsea beating Man United 1-0 despite having least possession of the two 33% , their lowest of the season.

3)Beating Arsenal early  in the league 2-0 memorable for the Wenger-Mourinho Pushing and Shoving.


Jose is the true Joker in Premier League. He has mastered the art of winning. Even though the total squad comprised of just 22 players in the entire season considerably low their his counterparts. Jose still managed to use the resources very well.

Jose Mourinho may have weird ways of doing his job but at the end of the day it’s the results that matter. With 3 games still to play Chelsea will look to give some youngsters a chance.

Do you think Jose Mourinho is Boring? Do you think he is the best there ever will be?

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