July 30th-The Day Zlatan Called & Manchester United listened

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The buzz surrounding probably the biggest transfer in football from marketing and brand value stand point was finally revealed. Zlatan has finally stated on his social media pages his next destination will be Manchester United.


Even before an official club statement made, Zlatan Ibrahimovic decided to announce that he will be playing at the Theatre of Dreams. This clearly shows who holds the aces in this transfer deal. Old Trafford a sacred place where the likes of Giggs , Ronaldo , Beckham , Paul Scholes, Best, Sir Bobby Charlton and Eric Cantona have played and become club Legends in their own right.

The speculation surrounding his transfer to Old Trafford began was right before the Champions League final and have been grabing headlines ever since. Zlatan does what Zlatan wants.

Zlatan is said to have alot of similarities with Eric Cantona Legend at United . Many United fans thrilled to have got their man even without Europe this season. Such is the Humongous Stature of the club.
In 1992 Man United found themselves struggling against the likes of Aston Villa, Blackburn, QPR and needed some adrenaline rush quickly, they finally found it in the shape of 26 year old Eric Cantona from Marseille. With extreme footballing ability and a strong personality to match that. They found a rare gem and over the next five years would set United in total destruction mode no matter who the opponent was. It was total mayhem.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Fast forward to 2016 after another miserable season with the sacking of Louis Van Gaal and No Champion League. United were back to the rebuilding phase .The controversial yet successful Jose Mourinho on board, United have again hit a big jackpot Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Already being compared to the tough, cocky Eric Cantona. Zltan surely has built his reputation over the years for footballing ability, strong personality in the dressing, cocky one liners and lethality in front of goal.

Eric and Zlatan always did what they wanted when they wanted and in whatever way they wanted. In the age where PR builds you and breaks you, Zlatan surely knows how to get the world to listen even without saying a word.
Qualities that make both men who they are include Arrogance, vision on the field, lethal feet, aggression, ridiculous Skill and never ending determination and unpredictability.

Comparisons between Eric Cantona and Zlatan Ibrahimovic are endless he seems more like a reincarnation of Cantona if you ask me. But interestingly Cantona came in as 26 year old lad hungry for success and Zlatan clearly past his best days with nothing to prove to the world only time will tell how things pan out for him as well as the Club. Zlatan always played against the rule book and needless to say it has served him well.


The Transfer Deal “A Smoke Screen.

The flip side to this transfer would definitely be if the gamble to get Zlatan to Old Trafford will pay dividends, or would he end up just like Falcao.
His recent performance at the Euros has certainly not done him any favours.
But knowing Zlatan and his will to prove people wrong, there is a defiance in him and will to succeed that has got him success everywhere he went.

Will Zlatan’s move be regarded in the same lines as Rudd Van Nistelrooy. Eric Cantona or be with likes of Di Maria, Juan Sebastian Veron , Radamel Falcao who failed to live up to the hype remains to be seen. One things for sure everyone will have their eye on Zlatan and his time in the English Premier League will surely not be dull.
United have in the past gone for players well past their prime namely Laurent Blac who joined United between 2001-03 season only finding the net once in 48 appearances as a and fellow Swede Henrik Larsson who joined United on loan back in 2007 but didn’t seem to be much of a success back then.

One of the reasons for Zlatan’s transfer to Manchester United was Jose Mourinho and the man who “he would die for” as mentioned in his autobiography. With him by his side he surely will make alot of headline in the months to come along with the Portuguese. United’s rivalry with Man City at an all time high with Guardiola on the blue side of Manchester, the Manchester Derby this year will be bigger than the El Classico for sure.

Ibrahimovic has always done things on his own terms. But as it’s said Money Doesn’t always bring happiness ” Zlatan has always had the odds stacked against him yet he rose up from the ashes to win everywhere he went.

“The Most hated player at the Most Hated Club managed by the Most Hated manager in the world & supported by the Most Hated Fan’s in the world.”

The Bloated Transfer Market

The biggest club in England can afford such type of a transfer as the Club has become more of a Brand in the recent past. Ed Woodward the clubs executive vice-chairman has done alot to strengthen the grip on the commercial aspect of the Game. So worst case senerio this plan doesn’t work the shareholders won’t be really bothered as Jersey sale ,sponsorship, Television deals all play a major role building the brand Manchester United and getting revenue on their investments. Manchester United stocks surely have gained few points after this announcement.

Recently Manchester United have turned alot of head not for their playing style or trophies but more so by the huge sums of money paid in the transfer Windows bring in wealth of talents for jaw dropping amounts of money with likes of Di Maria, Anthony Martial, Mata , Fellani, Memphis Depay, Eric Bailey and Now Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Some have reaped fruit like Robin Van Persie who came in the team and hit the ground running but he did have experience in the premier league, and same would be expected of Ibrahimovic even without experience in the Premier League, with his leadership skills and unpredictability surely the dressing room will be more lively than before similar to the time when Eric Cantona and Roy Keane were in there.


With the Toughness of the Premier League made alot of careers go up in smoke. We will have to wait and see how the Premier League treats Zlatan. Zlatan a born Leader and Winner always sailing against the tide. The World will finally see what the Swedish is truely made of in the Toughest League in the World as well the Toughest League Zlatan has ever played.


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