The GodFather : The Beginning of a new Legacy 

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“I adapt my idea of football to my players, not adapt my players in my idea of football.” Antonio Conte

Fresh from the thumping victory over Man United. Chelsea look like a team ready for any challenge thrown at them. Chelsea players don’t look like a shadow of themselves while they were under Jose Mourinho.

Back when Jose Mourinho was appointed as United manager he surely made it clear that every United fan needs to forget what happened in the past 12 months , probably including his sacking during his second spell at Chelsea. Looks like everything Jose was in the news for is being over shadowed by Anotio Conte. The passion that seen Jose running the touchline after Porto winning the champions league. The famous Jose-Wenger push and shove. All of that can wait Antonio Conte has just put himself right there with the best. Improvise, Adapt and Overcome that’s what Conte did during his time at Juventus and now extremely visible during their game against United.

Conte was surely going to make alot of head turns with his managerial versatility,thinking and adapting quickly during the 90mins. Something Mourinho was valiant throughout his time as a manger.He surely did show a glimpse of the same by benching club captain and record scored Wayne Rooney.But unfortunately the cracks go deeper than just benching Wayne.

Conte started life at Chelsea after a successful yet contentious Euro Championship. Pre-season at Chelsea began with a loss while trying to implement the 3-5-2, 4-3-3, 4-4-2 and 4-2-4 formation. The players at Chelsea surely were so fixated with Jose 4-2-3-1 that it become difficult to get free flowing football out of that group of players. With AC Milan next they shifted from the 4-3-3 to 4-1-4-1 while chasing the game.Chelsea were 3-1 winners.

The dynamism and fluidity of football was something that can win you games and new recruit N’Golo Kante was surely going to benefit from this.Playing to his strengths the team has been able to exploit Kante’s presence on the field.Conte did know how to use players like Pogba,Pirlo and that’s something Jose is trying to figure out as he is still searching for a partner for Pogba. The midweek game against Fenerbache Pogba did partner Carrick and they dictated the terms of play and eventually won 4-1 . Why did Jose not opt for the same midfield pair only he can elaborate. Jose looks like a fallen angel along with United, rigid approach, defiant tactics ,lack of ability to turn defence into attack extremely similar during Louis Van Gaal tenure and a little prowess to bench either of the two new recruits with their failure to perform consistently.This is what cost them the match against Conte’s Chelsea.

Chelsea have been a breath of fresh air eversince Conte was appointed. Players like Hazard, Matic have been rejuvenated under Conte.Adding David Luis their backbone looks strong. Everything Jose is Conte is more of an upgraded version in my opinion. Surely Conte has had his fair share of doubts over the years which manager hasn’t.But with being the only Italian team to go unbeaten an entire season is something only Arsene Wenger can relate too in the Premier League. Giving Jose benefit of the doubt his Chelsea side did do wonders during his first spell.Every title winning squad down the years has had a back bone to build on and for Conte it was Andrea Pirlo during his spell at Juventus. Even though Pirlo was such an influence to his title winning team. Conte didn’t include him in the Italian squad along with Giovancio as they both moved to Major League Soccer. Conte did show gutts on how serious he was with players opting to play for leagues such as MLS which are far behind in terms of technicality and level of playing compared to the likes of la Liga ,Italian and Premier league.

Conte as a player was known for his gritt, temper,intensity and aggression but also for his sublime passing accuracy, longer range efforts. Beginning his managerial career he surely did inculcate the same in his teams. Most notably Juventus where Pirlo and Pogba were the master tacticians during that period. Accuracy in passing mixed with quick decision making and clear eye for goal upfront which made them a force to reckon with but somehow they failed in Europe.

Chelsea and Conte is more like rebound relationship reaching new horizons. Conte has surely given Chelsea that freshness and unpredictability that has lacked in the team in recent years. Matic and Kante proving their worth along with the wall Consisting of Luis Cahill , Courtious and flair of Hazard,Victor Moses,Pedro tormenting defences and Of course tough nut Diego Costa who has been lethal this season, they surely are a team that can get that Premier League title.

Next two months will surely show what Chelsea can do and how good they are. They play Spurs and Man city in a span of 8 days. New year begins at Hart Lane and then Leicester city along with Liverpool and Arsenal in-between this is entertaining Hull city at home.

One thing’s for sure drama will be at an all time high. Chelsea can surely take Arsenal Liverpool and City on with that kind of lethality in the squad as they showed against United.


Gareth Bale from “Mr Invincible” to “Mr Invisible”

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How did the fairy tale of Gareth Bale’s Transfer to the Bernabeu turn into such a nightmare? Where did it go wrong for the Former Spurs Hotshot? Will there be any resurrection in a Madrid Jersey or another club will come calling next summer only time will tell.

Transforming from a traditional left back at Spurs to left Winger in a Madrid Shirt. Bale has come along way but the past six months his world record transfer to Real Madrid has turned out for the worst for him.

Being labelled as selfish during a recent game where he preferred to take a shot on goal rather than pass to Ronaldo which frustrated him.

Even Carlo Ancelotti has not been quite happy with Bale’s recent form on field he preferred to use him more from the bench than in the starting 11.

Bale surely has scored and assisted this season but he has not got the love he should have got for his contribution. The fans clearly showed their dissatisfaction with Bale when he left Bernabeu in his car and few fans gathered and started hitting the windows,  lucky enough he drove off quick before it could get any worse.


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But above all of that the game against Juventus was surely something that tops his worst game in a Madrid shirt.
Ancelloti gave Bale a chance and was brought it at Central Attacking Midfield role. Ramos was made to play along side Toni Kroos deep but that backfired completely.
Real Madrid Losing on the night 2-1 againts the Old Lady from Turin.

The talk of the night was the inability and the failure of Garth Bale to be of any use on the field. He hardly did any damage to the Juventus defence. Even Roy Keane had his say on Bale’s performance “You can’t win a  game with 10 men” “Gareth Bale gave Real Madrid nothing tonight”.

Even after Real got one goal back through None other than Ronaldo during the celebration Bale looked more like a lost sheep in the flock. He lacked confidence in is own ability. He certainly suffers from low morale and recent injury hasn’t done anything good either.

How does Bale turn around his life at Madrid, time is certainly running out and with the summer transfer window round the corner.

It would be naive for Madrid to cash in, but for Bale it would be a calculated risk to move away. Man Utd and Chelsea will surely try their luck if Bale becomes available and considering Bale has his family back in England it would be only logical for him to head back after his spell at Madrid.

Jose Mourinho the best there is, The best there ever will be ?

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Will there be another manager like Jose Mourinho with the success rate he has had over the 15 years of his managerial career ? Is Mourinho the greatest ever manager to manage a football team ? Cese Fabregas certainly think so.

Right from the moment Jose Mourinho was confirmed to be heading over to chelsea for his second stint, there was a sense of fear among every manager especially the ones in the top 4.

Louis Van Gaal the man who was instrumental and had an influence over him at the start of his life as a manager, knew exactly what Jose would bring to the premier league.

Notable mention to Arsene Wenger who knows exactly what Jose is all about as his team of invincibles were dethroned by Mourinho’s Chelsea team in his first year as manager.

Fast track a year ahead and Jose Mourinho has delivered in his first season of his second stint at Chelsea. With Fabregas choosing Mourihno over Wenger and Man United having their own issues with injuries and trying to adapt to the Dutchman’s philosophy. There wasn’t really any challenge from any other team in the premier league.

Spur and Man City did really well along with Arsenal to try and challenge Chelsea for the tittle but none of them were a match for “A Mourinho Master Class”.

There were alot of critics suggesting Chelsea were boring and Pellegrini also criticising Chelsea for not playing beautiful football and winning the league the way Man City did it a year earlier.


Here are few of the key moments in the league where Chelsea won the league.

1) Chelsea remained unbeaten in their first 23 games winning 17 and drawn 6. Winning 3-0 against arch rivals Spurs.

2)Chelsea beating Man United 1-0 despite having least possession of the two 33% , their lowest of the season.

3)Beating Arsenal early  in the league 2-0 memorable for the Wenger-Mourinho Pushing and Shoving.


Jose is the true Joker in Premier League. He has mastered the art of winning. Even though the total squad comprised of just 22 players in the entire season considerably low their his counterparts. Jose still managed to use the resources very well.

Jose Mourinho may have weird ways of doing his job but at the end of the day it’s the results that matter. With 3 games still to play Chelsea will look to give some youngsters a chance.

Do you think Jose Mourinho is Boring? Do you think he is the best there ever will be?

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