Corporate world can be a freshers nightmare

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What are the different pointers  that freshers need to keep in mind while searching for a suitable job. How graduates  get manipulated when they are offered such jobs. How youngsters get carried away with higher salary than usual offered.

Some professionals like Chartered Accountants, Company Secretary, Law Students are usually paid higher salary as compared to a, BMS graduate. There are exceptions where salaries can be high and can be the real deal. But that’s rare or depends on the College and their placements.

The cooperate world is not all fun and games as it may seems from the outside. There is a whole lot going on inside. It’s a whole new ball game.

Today’s youth have a misunderstanding that only high salaried job’s are worth. But as tempting as it may seem, some of thoes jobs offering high salary for a fresher graduate can be fake rather false promises.
As it’s said promises are made to be broken. There are companies offering good salary along with alot of work.  But where there is good there has to be bad.

Few companies are there searching for cheap labour and promising good pay but delay payments, have payments made in installments. These are signs to quickly find an alternative as this may get worst if such decisions are delayed. Alot of freshers don’t get their salary in the end and repent later. Beware of foney smal time companies looking to make profit on fresh and educated graduates. You might fall prey and be termed as “Educated Illiterate”

Few mistakes today’s Freshers make while searching for a job :-

1) Look for jobs where peers are working
2) Follow the crowd (most frequent)
3) More money = Good job
4) Rushing into finding a job and take    whatever comes first.
5) Doing an MBA or MMS without knowing one’s own strengths and weaknesses.
6) Over Thinking if no job offers come their way and getting workedup
7) Listening to everyone’s opinion but their own thoughts.
8) Refusing to work below a certain salary limit without considering the job description or knowledge one can learn.

Few tips to overcome such such barriers :-

a) Cut some Slack.
b) Give the mind some thinking time.
c) Don’t rush into making decisions.
d) Patience is the key.
e) Do what interests you.
f) Don’t be afraid to go against the tide.
g) Self Confidence brings the best out of people.
h) Start researching.
i) Don’t compare yourself to others, everyone will bloom when it’s their time.
j) Salary isn’t everything, knowledge is bigger than money.
k) You either Earn to Learn or Learn to Earn