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Berlin Date for Juventus and Barcalona

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Finally the nightmare for Real Madrid and Gareth Bale in particular was over. 1-1 it ended on the night at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Juventus held their nerve and enjoyed the host scuffing chance after chance, finally Juventus reaped fruit of their first leg advantage and won on aggregate. Juventus is going to Berlin. They will meet Barcelona in the final.


Ikea Casillias joined Xavi as the joint all time leading appearances in the Champions League. Gareth Bale had another forgettable night in the white shirt. Paul Pogba returned from injury to setup Morata’s goal. Madrid just couldn’t add to their lead and alot of missed chances confirmed their fate againts Juventus.

Many United fans would realised what a mistake it was to let Pogba leave and Last night he proved all the doubters wrong. After having being told by the United management in 2012 that “his time will come”. Sir Alex also wasn’t afraid to ses the back of Pogba and fast forward a few years ahead, it’s Pogba in the Champions League Final and United can only watch and still only managed to seal only 4th place which needs them to qualify for the Group stages of the Champions League.

There will be a few Former United players playing at the Berlin final , that include Tevez, Evra,  Pique and debatable Pogba who made seven appearances which were all from the bench and not a single start.

The stage is set for the two current best teams in Europe to face eachother in Berlin on June 6th.


Gareth Bale from “Mr Invincible” to “Mr Invisible”

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How did the fairy tale of Gareth Bale’s Transfer to the Bernabeu turn into such a nightmare? Where did it go wrong for the Former Spurs Hotshot? Will there be any resurrection in a Madrid Jersey or another club will come calling next summer only time will tell.

Transforming from a traditional left back at Spurs to left Winger in a Madrid Shirt. Bale has come along way but the past six months his world record transfer to Real Madrid has turned out for the worst for him.

Being labelled as selfish during a recent game where he preferred to take a shot on goal rather than pass to Ronaldo which frustrated him.

Even Carlo Ancelotti has not been quite happy with Bale’s recent form on field he preferred to use him more from the bench than in the starting 11.

Bale surely has scored and assisted this season but he has not got the love he should have got for his contribution. The fans clearly showed their dissatisfaction with Bale when he left Bernabeu in his car and few fans gathered and started hitting the windows,  lucky enough he drove off quick before it could get any worse.


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But above all of that the game against Juventus was surely something that tops his worst game in a Madrid shirt.
Ancelloti gave Bale a chance and was brought it at Central Attacking Midfield role. Ramos was made to play along side Toni Kroos deep but that backfired completely.
Real Madrid Losing on the night 2-1 againts the Old Lady from Turin.

The talk of the night was the inability and the failure of Garth Bale to be of any use on the field. He hardly did any damage to the Juventus defence. Even Roy Keane had his say on Bale’s performance “You can’t win a  game with 10 men” “Gareth Bale gave Real Madrid nothing tonight”.

Even after Real got one goal back through None other than Ronaldo during the celebration Bale looked more like a lost sheep in the flock. He lacked confidence in is own ability. He certainly suffers from low morale and recent injury hasn’t done anything good either.

How does Bale turn around his life at Madrid, time is certainly running out and with the summer transfer window round the corner.

It would be naive for Madrid to cash in, but for Bale it would be a calculated risk to move away. Man Utd and Chelsea will surely try their luck if Bale becomes available and considering Bale has his family back in England it would be only logical for him to head back after his spell at Madrid.