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Teams United can face in Champions League Qualifying round

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Right after the final whistle at Selhurt Park there was a sense of relief among the away fans and the United entourage as they had virtually qualified for Champions League.

With Liverpool’s failure to beat Chelsea, Liverpool were almost certain to miss out on champions league next season. With a inferior goal difference and need to win both their games with high goal ratio and hopeing United loose both

Man Utd’s can still hope for a higher position but they need to rely on results of Man City and Arsenal. With Arsenal losing to Swansea at home. There is a glimmer of hope but the Gunners have a game in hand.

If table stay as it is after all the games United still will have a tricky task at hand to qualify for the group stages of the Champions league.

The last time United had to qualify was in 1998 against Polish Champions LKS Lodz which the then premier league runner ups weren’t likely to loose.

With United likely to finish 4th they will still avoid the likes of 4th place Spain and German teams and 3rd place Italian team, but could still face Monaco/Lyon/Marseille/Ajax/Sporting Lisbon whichever finish fourth or Turkish powerhouse Fenerbache/Galatasaray/Besiktas. Russian giants CSKA Moscow or Shakhtar Donetsk could be tough opponents for United.


With Memphis Depay already agreed to join United after some quick movement from United to strike a deal with PSV. Still a few more players look certain to join United before the transfer window shuts, United hope to finish their transfer activity before the Champions League draws take place on 7th August.

And hope there is no panic buys inorder to avoid another early slump in the Champions League.

Provided all the transfer activities go as per schedule and United have a full squad before pre-season there would few doubters about wheather United would struggle to qualify for the group stages.


Gareth Bale from “Mr Invincible” to “Mr Invisible”

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How did the fairy tale of Gareth Bale’s Transfer to the Bernabeu turn into such a nightmare? Where did it go wrong for the Former Spurs Hotshot? Will there be any resurrection in a Madrid Jersey or another club will come calling next summer only time will tell.

Transforming from a traditional left back at Spurs to left Winger in a Madrid Shirt. Bale has come along way but the past six months his world record transfer to Real Madrid has turned out for the worst for him.

Being labelled as selfish during a recent game where he preferred to take a shot on goal rather than pass to Ronaldo which frustrated him.

Even Carlo Ancelotti has not been quite happy with Bale’s recent form on field he preferred to use him more from the bench than in the starting 11.

Bale surely has scored and assisted this season but he has not got the love he should have got for his contribution. The fans clearly showed their dissatisfaction with Bale when he left Bernabeu in his car and few fans gathered and started hitting the windows,  lucky enough he drove off quick before it could get any worse.


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But above all of that the game against Juventus was surely something that tops his worst game in a Madrid shirt.
Ancelloti gave Bale a chance and was brought it at Central Attacking Midfield role. Ramos was made to play along side Toni Kroos deep but that backfired completely.
Real Madrid Losing on the night 2-1 againts the Old Lady from Turin.

The talk of the night was the inability and the failure of Garth Bale to be of any use on the field. He hardly did any damage to the Juventus defence. Even Roy Keane had his say on Bale’s performance “You can’t win a  game with 10 men” “Gareth Bale gave Real Madrid nothing tonight”.

Even after Real got one goal back through None other than Ronaldo during the celebration Bale looked more like a lost sheep in the flock. He lacked confidence in is own ability. He certainly suffers from low morale and recent injury hasn’t done anything good either.

How does Bale turn around his life at Madrid, time is certainly running out and with the summer transfer window round the corner.

It would be naive for Madrid to cash in, but for Bale it would be a calculated risk to move away. Man Utd and Chelsea will surely try their luck if Bale becomes available and considering Bale has his family back in England it would be only logical for him to head back after his spell at Madrid.

Jose Mourinho the best there is, The best there ever will be ?

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Will there be another manager like Jose Mourinho with the success rate he has had over the 15 years of his managerial career ? Is Mourinho the greatest ever manager to manage a football team ? Cese Fabregas certainly think so.

Right from the moment Jose Mourinho was confirmed to be heading over to chelsea for his second stint, there was a sense of fear among every manager especially the ones in the top 4.

Louis Van Gaal the man who was instrumental and had an influence over him at the start of his life as a manager, knew exactly what Jose would bring to the premier league.

Notable mention to Arsene Wenger who knows exactly what Jose is all about as his team of invincibles were dethroned by Mourinho’s Chelsea team in his first year as manager.

Fast track a year ahead and Jose Mourinho has delivered in his first season of his second stint at Chelsea. With Fabregas choosing Mourihno over Wenger and Man United having their own issues with injuries and trying to adapt to the Dutchman’s philosophy. There wasn’t really any challenge from any other team in the premier league.

Spur and Man City did really well along with Arsenal to try and challenge Chelsea for the tittle but none of them were a match for “A Mourinho Master Class”.

There were alot of critics suggesting Chelsea were boring and Pellegrini also criticising Chelsea for not playing beautiful football and winning the league the way Man City did it a year earlier.


Here are few of the key moments in the league where Chelsea won the league.

1) Chelsea remained unbeaten in their first 23 games winning 17 and drawn 6. Winning 3-0 against arch rivals Spurs.

2)Chelsea beating Man United 1-0 despite having least possession of the two 33% , their lowest of the season.

3)Beating Arsenal early  in the league 2-0 memorable for the Wenger-Mourinho Pushing and Shoving.


Jose is the true Joker in Premier League. He has mastered the art of winning. Even though the total squad comprised of just 22 players in the entire season considerably low their his counterparts. Jose still managed to use the resources very well.

Jose Mourinho may have weird ways of doing his job but at the end of the day it’s the results that matter. With 3 games still to play Chelsea will look to give some youngsters a chance.

Do you think Jose Mourinho is Boring? Do you think he is the best there ever will be?

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Cricket Move over Time for Football to get front row seats

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Winds Of Change has finally arrived in India……

India a country where Cricket is has been the leading sport for a long time even though Hockey is the national sport and where Football is nowhere even close to either of them. The Land where Sachin Tendulkar is worshiped as God, where Cricket has been on top with the worlds best as well as Hockey which gave some great moments, but Football hasn’t managed to captivate alot of golden moments like the World Cup win in Cricket or the Olympic Golds in Hockey  under The Great Dhyand Chand

ISL making small steps towards building a greater future for Football in India


India may have one of the oldest cup tournaments in the world in the form of the Rover Cup but that has not done any good for the progress made for football in India. Even though in the last decade there has been a large amount revenue from Television and Sponsorship coming from Asia and India playing a large role in that.

The first 27 matches were watched by a total 34.65 million viewers on the Sony Six network, compared with 44.9 million viewers for the entire 2010 World Cup.

These Stats can be alarming considering the sudden rise of in terms of Viewership and Revenue that has been generated from India during the World Cup. 


The Indian Super League or the ISL which is going be functioning the same way the A- League and MLS. A total of 8 Teams which are Franchisee owned and name after Major Tier 1 Cities. The Response the ISL has got so far has been astounding with alot  of Football Legends signing up.Mumbai City Fc have managed to accquire the services of Nicholas Anelka, Freddie Lunjberg and most notebly Manuel Friedrich who was a part of the Borussia Dortmund Team for the 2013-14 Season. Raul Garcia has signed for Atletico De Kolkata after a colaboration with Spanish Giants Atletico Madrid.Italy’s World cupper Del Piero has signed for Delhi etc.

This is the magnitude at which the Newly formed ISL league will be and this is a delight for the Indian fans to finally get a glimpse of what Football at the top level is.

List of Players which have Joined the ISL

Atletico de Kolkata: Marquee Player- Luis Garcia

  • Apoula Edel – Armenia – Goalkeeper
  • Sylvain Monsoreau – France – Defender
  • Jose Miguel – Spain – Defender
  • Borja Fernandez – Spain – Midfielder
  • Jofre Gonzalez – Spain – Midfielder
  • Jakub Podany – Czech Republic – Midfielder
  • Arnal Llibert – Spain – Forward

Team Chennai: Marquee Player- TBD

  • Gennaro Bracigliano – France – Goalkeeper
  • Bernard Mendy – France – Defender
  • Jairo Carvajal – Colombia – Defender
  • Cristian Gonzalez – Spain – Midfielder
  • Bojan Djorjic – Sweden – Midfielder
  • Bruno Pelissari – Brazil – Midfielder
  • Eduardo Silva – Spain – Striker

Delhi Dynamos FC: Marquee Player – Alessandro Del Piero

  • Marek Cech – Czech Republic – Goalkeeper
  • Henrique Dinis Oliveira Dias – Portugal – Defender
  • Bruno Herrero – Spain – Midfielder
  • Gustavo Marmentini dos Santos – Brazil – Midfielder
  • Pavel Elias – Czech Republic – Midfielder
  • Mads Junker – Denmark – Forward
  • Morten Skoubo – Denmark – Forward

Team Goa: Marquee Player-  TBD

  • Jan Seda – Czech Republic – Goalkeeper
  • Gregory Arnolin – France – Defender
  • Youness Bengelloun – France – Defender
  • Bruno Filipe Tavares Pinheiro – Portugal – Midfielder
  • Miguel Bruno Pereira Herlein – Portugal – Forward
  • Edgar Carvalho Figueira Marcelino – Portugal – Forward
  • Miroslav Slepicka – Czech Republic – Forward

Kerala Blasters FC: Marquee Player- David James

  • Cedric Hengbart – France – Defender
  • Raphael Romey – France – Defender
  • Erwin Spitzner – Brazil – Defender
  • Victor Herrero Forcada – Spain – Midfielder
  • Michael Chopra – England – Forward
  • Iain Hume – Canada – Forward
  • Pedro Adriano Veloso Gusmao – Brazil – Forward

Mumbai City FC: Marquee Player- Nicolas Anelka

  • Andre Matos Dias Pereira – Portugal – Goalkeeper
  • Pavel Cmovs – Czech Republic – Defender
  • Johann Letzelter – France – Defender
  • Ilias Pollalis – Greece – Defender
  • Jan Stohanzl – Czech Republic – Midfielder
  • Francisco Javier Fernandez Luque – Spain – Midfielder
  • Diego Fernando Nadaya – Argentina – Forward

North East United FC: Marquee Player- Jaon Capdevilla

  • Massamba Lo Sambou – Senegal – Defender
  • Tomas Josl – Czech Republic – Defender
  • Isaac Chansa – Zambia – Midfielder
  • Do Dong-Hyun – South Korea – Midfielder
  • Guilherme Felipe de Castro – Brazil – Midfielder
  • Cornell Glen – Trinidad and Tobago – Forward
  • Luis Alfredo Yanes Padilla – Colombia – Forward

FC Pune City: Marquee Player- David Trezeguet

  • Bruno Cirillo – Italy – Defender
  • Emanuele Belardi – Italy – Goalkeeper
  • Ivan Bolado Palacios – Spain – Forward
  • Saidou Mady Panandetiguiri – Burkina Faso – Midfielder
  • Omar Andres Rodriguez Martinez – Colombia – Midfielder
  • Andres Felipe Gonzalez Ramirez – Colombia – Defender
  • Park Kwang-IL – South Korea – Midfielder


Will the Indian Super league bring long term success and longevity to Football in India only time will tell.



What does European Football without Manchester United mean? Does it make a difference or not ?

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The year Champions League will be played without the Mighty MANCHESTER UNITED.

When David Moyes was appointed the manager of Manchester United there were alot of expectations from him, considering he had was the only long serving manager after Sir Alex and Arsene Wenger. But football is a brutal world .Everything came falling one year league champions next year 7th place finish and Moyes was sacked even before the season ended.

No Champions league , the was the reality Old Trafford had to face once the season ended. As much as United will miss the champions league , the champions league will miss United considering the Tv Viewership United bring along with them.

A Large Part of the United matches was the reason the ratings reached such astronomical levels in the past years. So used to success under Sir Alex and now no champions league will be a great loss. No Champions league meant more commercial partner all over the  globe just so that the money coming from the champions league had to be redirected else where.

The all Glamourous U.S Tour and major sponsors like Chevrolet, Addidas ( from Next season) Apollo tyres to name a few. Even without Champions league united have managed to get big names this season with the like of Rojo joining after his successfull World cup campaign. The most notable Angel di Maria from Madrid for a British Record fee 59mil was a master class but with the deadline day on ,United have apparently Reach an agreement with Monaco over the Transfer of Columbian International Radamel Falcao which is either a Loan deal or Permanent no offical comment.And not to forget Daley Blind a memeber of Louis Van Gaal’s world cup squad also joining.

With that being said with more movement in the  transfer window What do you think?

Is Manchester United’s Absent from this years Champions league A huge loss considering their Financial Presence and Big names going to miss being on the grand stage of them all.

It’s For you all to decide. 

Please feel free to comment or suggest …………..


Is Spending so much money Destroying Talent ……………..

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Today Clubs are spending gianormous amounts of money for players without thinking.Manchester City first started spending money left right centre just like Real Madrid trying to be like the Galacticos. But modern Day football has started Over Pricing players to a great Extent, right from Carrol and Downing to the Latest Manchester United pair Herrera & Shaw. These two players in particular have great amount of talent but these young players havn’t proved themselves at the international stage.

Borrusia Dortmund , Atletico Madrid are great Examples of a club that identifies talent and get them at a cheap price and later on sell them for a Profit. ( special mention Arsene Wenger) but he too Broke  the bank of Ozil. Today Ridiculious amounts of money can get you World Class Players but that doesn’t mean you get Silverware.Man City could vouch for that until the Last minute winner by Sergio Aguero in the Dying minutes of the game against QPR.

Psg and Monaco have literally overvalued alot of players just because they have the Finacial power. But with Fifa getting the finacial Fair Play into Picture there surely will be alot of clubs that will be trying to balance the Books of Accounts.

From Quatari Owners to Russian Oil Billionaire football has taken a turn for the worst in terms of Money being in vested wrongly into Players which havn’t proved themselves. Only time will tell if this problem will be settled.